Sugar, Spice & Superheroes

Lily Smoke

Romance Author

The Sass Behind the Sugar

For Lily Smoke, the fun is in the fantasy. Because who didn’t grow up thinking about what else all those superheroes and magical characters could do with their powers after the kissing started? Saving the world? Sure. Savoring the victory behind close doors? Tell us more.


When Lily isn’t at the keyboard sending her heroes, hearts pounding, into action, you can find her doing “research,” AKA binging drama shows or curled up with a good book.

Hearts & Heroes

Electric Dreams

Hearts & Heroes Book 1

Johanna Lambert was once at the top of Grand View City’s fashion scene with her designs, but now she was the pariah of her industry. Unable to get work, Johanna now needs to decide if it’s time to throw in the towel and walk out on her dreams, leaving Grand View City behind for good.

Jacob Gale only recently became the owner of Electric Dreams, but just because he left his old life behind, it doesn’t mean he’s succeeding at his new one. Now the club doesn’t have much time left and he’s at a loss for how to keep it from going under.

When Jacob and Johanna cross paths, sparks fly, literally, as his touch is very much electric. Their chance encounter turns into a seemingly fated partnership as they both get a new opportunity from an unlikely source. Launched back into the spotlight, both will find that they’re better together than apart. However, in a city that thrives on drama, will their pasts still get the better of them? Or will they prove the strength of love and second chances?

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Welcome to Grand View City, where enhanced people are no big deal, the entertainment scene is big, and fantasies made reality is where the real fun is at.

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